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Our Story

Kyoto restaurant was established in 2005 in Charlottesville, offering Japanese cuisine, and was taken over by Mr. James Lee in 2015.

Under the direction of James, Kyoto restaurant has received great reviews from the local community and has built a great relationship with its customers.
In the midst of the COVID epidemic, James has been thinking about how to improve the cuisine and make it more healthy in addition to tasty.
One of Kyoto Restaurant's partners, Mr. GEN LEE, was advised by his primary care doctor to add fermented foods to his diet due to health reasons. After  discussing with partners and consulting with experts , we decided to find a fermented food expert to improve our dishes.
In 2022,  we invited Chef Michelle Chang, who opened the first fermented restaurant Restaurant La 5ème Saveur in France to the U.S. for a cultural exchange on fermented food and developed a series of fermented menu. 

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