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Why do we need to ferment our ingredients?
In recent years, there have been countless articles about the health benefits of fermented foods, and many doctors recommend adding fermented foods to the diet, such as DR. Emeran Mayer. Many Michelin restaurants, such as NOMA, Ræst , have incorporated fermentation into their cuisine.
Our fermentation consultant, Chef Michelle Chang, incorporates the theory of fermentation into cooking, using temperature control to allow microbial enzymes from fermented microorganisms to continue to break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates...
Why Fermentation?
As we are getting old or immune system is weak... The digestive ability is slowing down, so we become more obese and have more physical and mental health problems.
Chef Michelle Chang uses the enzymes secreted by Aspergillus oryzae to pre-digest food and help us to do pre-digestion.
We also offer fermented beverages in the set menu, which also help our unfermented ingredients, such as rice or potatoes, to digest better in the stomach.
Here is the process of our fermented meat, which is slowly fermented in the low temperature of the refrigerator, and then re-enhanced during the low temperature cooking process, and finally use the high temperature to bring out the rich flavour.

My fermented cuisine_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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